Work alongside your users throughout the product lifecycle

Integrate your product with Volar in seconds and gather in-context feedback directly from the users of your choice and gain in-depth market insights

Unmediated Collaboration

Space members will be able to engage in interactive discussions and share their thoughts, suggestions, and experiences directly with the product team

Faster Time to Market

Eliminate CS dependencies, reduce lengthy emails, and stop waiting weeks for a meeting.
Just iterate quickly and gain insights in an instant.

AI-Powered Feedback Analysis

Understand user needs, and develop accurate features that drive adoption, increase satisfaction, and maximize product success by meeting customer needs.

#1 Invite

Create a Space

Spaces are customized groups of users with whom you can collaborate. For example, you can create a Beta Space and invite the ideal mix of users to test out your beta feature, or having a closer relationship with your Pro Users. With Spaces, you can easily create different groups for various personas, organizations, or use cases.

#2 Collaborate

Unlock the Power of Collaboration

Our collaboration module brings you seamless in-context interactions.
From public discussions for ideation and brainstorming, sharing mockups and prototypes, to moderated chats for sensitive use cases and surveys, our platform has you covered. Experience a comprehensive collaboration solution that enhances productivity and drives innovation.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Track and manage all collected feedback, monitor user activity and engagement, and stay informed about market trends and feedback analysis. With our dashboard, you have a centralized hub to make informed decisions and drive product improvements.